recipes wanted

I need some more recipes for my page. if you want leave a comment below with your first name and last name first letter  I will post it in the same area as your recipe so you get the credit. Thank you.

Recipe page added

I have added a recipe page to my blog. Come and enjoy the recipes I posted and share some too.

What you can earn

Do you know you can earn a little extra money or gift cards just doing simple stuff daily. If you do not live in the united states there are still a few programs you can join. There are also senior citizens  earning to supplement their income. I use a few programs that are on my earnings page. There is never a cost to join a program that I offer. I feel that you should not have to pay a company to earn money especially if you are helping them completing surveys and offers that benefit them. For more information, click on the earnings area page and click a few links that you have interest in. Some programs may only be for US or canada only. Individual results may vary.

Survey junkie payment proof

This is my latest cashout from survey junkie.  There is no referral link but the site is surveyjunkie This is easy for anyone and has different ways to cashout. I don't know what countries are eligible .  Good luck and start earning points. 1 point = 1 US cent. 100 points = $1.00 US . Have fun.

Watch videos for points

This is one of the greatest concepts around. There are many websites that give incentives for watching videos. This program is different because you link all of the websites together in this one program. Then you can choose where you want your points to go. You can also tell your friends about it and get referral credits. Here is the link to read more about it and join. Hideout tv  Have a great day and start earning today.

Payment proof from treasure trooper

This is my payment proof from treasure trooper. To join  click the link. Treasuretrooper
Most countries accepted. Come join the fun in the live chatroom.

Another referral

I got yet another referral for this great program. I have just started to become active again and I clicked on my referral link. I now have 2 referrals.  Here is the link for the program. Earnably You can answer surveys, watch  videos and also hideout video is on the video page. You can redeem for paypal credits, amazon, visa gift card etc. Individual results may vary. Have an awesome weekend.