Questions for earning online

This is a list of questions you would ask yourself before going into an online earning site

Do you enjoy going online? If the answer is yes then you will enjoy earning online when you have some spare time.Do you have a lot of friends? Once you start earning online, you can tell your friends about what you are doing and show them how easy it can be.Do you need some extra money? Who doesn't need extra money these days. This is the way to learn how to earn.Do you live in the United States? The best thing about earning online is you don't have to live in the US. It does have its perks living in the US to earn but not necessary.Are you a stay at home mom? This is perfect for you. While your little ones are in school or watching tv, it will be the perfect time to earn some extra moneyDo you like to post in an online forum? On my earning page I have a program I use called forumcoin. This is where you can meet a lot of people from all over and earn at the same time.Are you a student?  …

Treasure trooper tricks and tips

This is a  list of  tips you can use while on this program. after you open the page,  put your mouse over  the earn tab and you will see a list of  options. The first one I always go to is daily poll. you can answer it and get 2 arrowheads. You collect arrowheads and trade them in. I will explain that later. Then go to the cash search and complete 10 searches a day before the meter gets to 100 % . Then you will get a pearl and a dragon scale as long as the meter reaches 100 %. You can build up your dragon scales to. Then go to cash path and check out offers or say no to offers until the end and get awarded arrow heads. Try your luck at the daily surveys. Also try the cash offers. You can go to the arrowhead dig sites and try your luck on building up arrows. You can trade your arrows in on the currency converter. put your pointer over redeem and click on currency converter and choose what to trade for. I usually get either platinum coins or dragon scales. You can also go to the trading…

Treasure trooper monthly contest

This is a great contest. When you get a referral with treasure trooper, you only get 20 % commission. In the month of october you will get 100 % commission until the end of the month. Also when your referral cashes out for the first time, You will get $5.00 one time only. Come join me and see people from all over the globe. Come chat in the chatroom. Once you register your account, you will have to register an account in the chatroom as well. it is all free and fun to chat with others. Here is the link to  join. Treasuretrooper

Payment proof for a great program

This is a payment I just received from fusioncash. I complete surveys, post in forum and get paid  for doing so and much more. This  offer is available for residents in the US and canada only.Click on this link to join Fusioncash   and Get a $5.00 signing bonus for completing your first offer. Sign up for the daily email, Complete offers daily and earn $.05 and you will get the $.15 paid to click. This program offers paypal, direct deposit and check for payments. Payment proof is below.  Sign up today and get earning.

FusionCash, Inc has sent you $73.86 USD NOTE FROM FusionCash, Inc:
Cashout 120443 2018-07-19

More programs added to earn

I recently added a few more programs  to the earning area  part of my blog. All of the programs are ones I have been using for years and other programs are ones I recently joined. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

Another great program with payment proof

This is a program that I have been with for a few years.They have always paid on time and paid through paypal. I qualify for a lot of surveys and even if I don't I get a small reward of points for trying. Also I participate in the daily poll for 5 points a day. After 10 straight day, 25 points is added as a bonus. After a while, you can level up and get 7 points a day for the daily poll and 50 points for 10 straight days.The payment you see below is my latest from them. Here is the link to join.
Branded   If you have any questions, feel free  to ask.

Branded Research, Inc has sent you $25.00 USD

U.S and Canada residents program

This is a program I joined just over 5 years ago. They have been around since 2007 I believe. I wish I found it sooner than I did but that is ok because it is still a great program. Since paypal has gone away from a lot of programs, it is still offered here for cashouts. I have earned nearly $2000.00 U.S. funds and it keeps growing little by little. My latest cashout information is below. It is nice to see that in your email . You can get one too. The best thing about this is You get $5.00 just for signing up and completing your 1st offer. Then you tell your friends and family about it and they sign up and they get $5.00. When they sign up and confirm their email, you get $1.00 ,$2.00 when they sign up for their paid to sign up offer, and $5.00 every time they cashout for life. Now that is a sweet deal. The next bonus you will get is I will help you in your journey to earn. I will not just give you a link and say good luck. I will tell you all the things that I do to earn and make you…