Point club 2nd payment

Since I posted about point club I have cashed out two times. The first cashout was a month after joining the program which is really good. the second cashout  I requested a month later. I have been credited for both of these cashouts. I am currently working on my third request which the points I need are pending right now. Some offers take a little longer to approve but it is ok because I keep completing offers and by the time they approve, I have another cashout. To join this group please click the link .
Pointclub        Individual results may vary.

Lucky Level app

I found this app through another app I use on my smartphone. I joined on 11/20/2019. I kept a log on my point earning. my point totals are below. I am not sure what countries are eligible.

2,619,000                         11/27/2019
6.229,000                         12/4/2019
9,574,500                         12/11/2019

on 12/13/2019, I had enough points to redeem for a $5.00 giftcard. I  redeemed 10,000,000 points for an amazon giftcard. I checked my email and it was there for me to use. I added it to my account. There is no referral link but I do recommend this app. I hope you have fun and get scratching for points today.

NFL officials are terrible

Here we are in another week of the national football league games and it still hasn't changed. The poor officiating of these referees. I was watching nfl network on monday morning and there are so many poor calls being made and not being called. I seen twice in one game where they called the runner down by contact and the ball was clearly coming out of his hands before he even hit the ground. That is a fumble. Another play is they called a player out of bounce and he was about an inch or two away. I hope the nfl organization looks at some of there officials and have them tested for vision because this is a  season of  bad calls.
Fans let them hear you.

almost time

Hello friends, We are almost at the end of the year. It was a fast one this year. In a couple of weeks I will put together my version of a year in review. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Recent payouts

Here is a list of the payments I have received in the month of october and november. Some months are better than others. Also individual results vary pending on location and  programs.
OctoberNovember 10/4/2019- part time clicks - $2.40                              11/1/2019- part time clicks- $3.15 10/11/2019- part time clicks- $3.95                             11/7/2019 epoll- $50.00 10/12/2019- treasure trooper- $60.26                         11/8/2019 part time clicks- $1.15 10/18/2019- part time clicks - $3.55                            11/13/2019- treasure trooper- $55.21 10/25/2019- part time clicks- $3.35                             11/15/2019- part time clicks- $3.85                                                                                       11/19/2019- keep rewarding- $5.00                                                                                       11/19/2019- fusioncash- $41.80                                                                                       …

Do you need extra money

I know it's kind of a crazy question. Who doesn't need extra money. There are so many ways to earn extra money but you have to know where to look. Some programs offer to earn money at home but ask for money to start. I belong to a lot of different programs and these have no out of pocket cost. Do you want to find out more? Check out the tabs at the top of the page. The earning area and the apps for earning. There is one thing you need to know. You have to have patience. You will not jump right in and start earning big amounts. I can help you with any program you want to know about. The last month, I cashed out over $100.00 US funds. I work about 4 hours a day on my programs and I learned how to work with these with the help from others. I can pass this help on to you. If you want to get more information on any program, please comment below and I will reply as soon as I see it. Let's get earning today.

Welcome friends

Hello, I have noticed a lot of traffic coming from different parts of the world. I want to thank you and encourage you to look around. I always try to keep my content up to date. I also post new things on here all the time so feel free to check back from time to time. You can also comment on any of the posts and I will reply back to you once I see it. Have an awesome day.